The following pages contain some examples of the photographic images I created
during my 17 years as a Fine Art Photographer.
Page One contains two of the four photographs in my "White Rowboat" series, along with an early piece, "Bumper Cars", which was a precursor of the style which would be evident in much of my work over the years. The remaining two pieces, "Summer Solitude" and "Stow Lake Impression" are examples of the work I produced after relocating from Los Angeles to the Coastside of the San Francisco Peninsula.
On Page Two are four of my Carousel Images produced from 1981-1985. During that time, in addition to my photography business, I was a general partner in Gaylin/Williams Carousel Enterprise and, along with my friend Barbara Williams, operated the Carousel on the Santa Monica Pier in Southern California. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to photograph figures on operating machines around the country as well as animals in private collections..
I will be adding pages as time allows, so please check back.